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Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai The Sublime Romance

Dubai Dhow reminisces you of days of yore when traditional Dhow in Dubai was used for pearl farming and fishing as well as sea trade. Dubai has progressed rapidly and has become a city of superlatives but Dhow Dubai remains an integral part of its culture and tradition. Dhow Cruise in Dubai is now used to bring the nostalgic past in a very romantic setting for a short cruise so that tourist can enjoy the famous creek of Dubai which was once its lifeline. Dhow Cruise Dubai now means a romantic dinner aboard a decked up Dhow that sails leisurely from the iconic creek for a 2 hour cruise. Both sides give you contrasting images. On one side is the old Dubai covering Bastakia, Sheikh Saeed's house and Museum which are well preserved and lit nicely and on the other side is Deira Dubai with its majestic buildings and hotels. The creek water shimmers with the lights during the night and add a new dimension to the dinner. Come on board and woo in style on our majestic Dhow cruise in Dubai and your loved ones would find it irresistible.

Our Dhow cruise in Dubai adds all the elements of a great evening including sumptuous food, magic shows for kids, onboard music and of course candle lit environment to create a sublime atmosphere to spread love and happiness. The ever courteous crew pamper you like a royalty and you feel your heart full of joy and happiness. The moments of dhow cruise may get over but the memories would never…


Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai

dhow cruise dinner
Dhow cruise dinner on Dhow is one of the best ways to spend evening in Dubai. Dhow cruise dinner onboard a specially made traditional Wooden boat is an experience that every tourist must have. Highly recommended for everyone, dhow cruise in Dubai is all about having sumptuous dinner with near and dear ones in candle lit setting.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

dhow cruise Marina
Dubai Marina is the part of New Dubai and is world famous for its design. It is the first man made marina of Middle East. One of the world's largest, most meticulously planned waterfront developments, Dubai Marina offers unobstructed views across the marina, fresh sea breezes. Dhow cruise from Dubai Marina is a dinner cruise in Dubai Marina while cruising on a traditional wooden dhow.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

dhow cruise creek
Dubai Dhow cruise offers excellent dinner on traditional wooden dhow cruise in Dubai on the Dubai's historical Creek. Enjoy dhow dinner cruise Dubai Dhow cruise on Dubai Creek is moments of pure joy. The majestic dhow sails regally on the iconic creek of Dubai giving you views of Dubai in night.
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